Adrho Limited

Strategic Direction

Our Vision

Our major goal is to be the number one construction chemical firm in Ghana using state of the art technology to provide quality and affordable building for our clients. We aim to deliver a sustainable, profitable future for our client across Ghana and beyond. We aspire to lead in every area in which we operate, but we also believe that growth and prosperity should be shared.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality, cost effective projects on schedule by employing modern technology and with a well-motivated professional team. We believe in a healthy relationship, hence, our clients can always count on our loyalty and integrity.

Our Values:

Trust and Loyalty are our guiding principles. We trust in our collective capabilities, in each other, and in our company. We are loyal to achieving our shared vision, to our colleagues and partners, and to the success of all our Projects. A sustainable growth inspired by Challenge, fuelled by Dedication and steeped in Integrity - our core values.